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4 Ways Getting a Massage is like Trying on a New Dress

Getting a Massage is Like Trying on a New Dress. I recently signed up for one of those online personal stylist services. When I received my first box of fashion items, I was both excited and nervous.  I was excited because of the possibility of finally becoming the fashionista that I think I am although no one else sees it that way. And, I was nervous because of the possibility that nothing would fit and I just wasted my time and money. That's when it occurred to me. Trying on these clothes for the first time is just like getting a massage for the first time. Here is how I break it down: 1. Expectations: When I received my fashion items, I expected everything to look and fit perfectly. I answered all the questions that my personal stylist asked as completely as possible. I included my size, my preferred style, and information about my lifestyle. If this was a massage, you would expect everything to go perfectly as well. you've filled out a form indicating your preferr

Pediatric Massage

What is Infant Massage? A regular routine of infant massage can benefit both the caregiver and the child who is 2 years old and younger.  This is why a Certified Infant Massage Teacher ( CIMT ) will demonstrate massage techniques to the parent or caregiver that they can do directly with their child.  This usually takes place in a group setting.  Studies show that massage helps increase bonding between caregiver and child. A few of the many benefits of Infant Massage include: Improved Sleep Patterns Deepens Bonding Enhanced Immune Function Helps with Colic and Constipation Helps with Brain Development A few of the many benefits of Pediatric Massage include: Improved Focus Comforting Growing Pains Reduced Aggressive Behavior More Restful Sleep Enhanced Pulmonary Function Studies show, Massage can benefit children who are diagnosed with: Autism ADD/ADHD Asthma Cancer (helps with stress reduction) Cerebral Palsy PTSD (due to change in school, neighborhood, d