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4 Ways Getting a Massage is like Trying on a New Dress

Getting a Massage is Like Trying on a New Dress.

I recently signed up for one of those online personal stylist services. When I received my first box of fashion items, I was both excited and nervous.  I was excited because of the possibility of finally becoming the fashionista that I think I am although no one else sees it that way. And, I was nervous because of the possibility that nothing would fit and I just wasted my time and money. That's when it occurred to me. Trying on these clothes for the first time is just like getting a massage for the first time. Here is how I break it down:

1. Expectations:
When I received my fashion items, I expected everything to look and fit perfectly. I answered all the questions that my personal stylist asked as completely as possible. I included my size, my preferred style, and information about my lifestyle. If this was a massage, you would expect everything to go perfectly as well. you've filled out a form indicating your preferred pressure, type of massage you want, and general information about your health. By the end of your session, you would expect your headache to be gone and to be totally stress free.

2. Trying it on:
While most of the items were great, one item, the dress, did not work at all! While I thought I would like the style, it just didn't look good on me.  I did not like the pattern, and the material made me look 2 sizes bigger than usual. It did, however, look great on my daughter.  Much like getting a massage, your first experience with a massage therapist may not be a great fit. The pressure that you asked for may be too little, or too much. Swedish massage may have worked for you before but this time, it just didn't do the job. Your best friend used the same massage therapist and loved her massage, but you still have a headache.

3. Keep, Return, or Exchange:
After I've tried everything on, it's time to decide what to keep, return, or exchange. Overall, My first online personal styling experience was successful. I liked everything but the dress.  I will order another "fix" however, I will return the dress for a different style. After receiving a massage, you must decide whether you want to keep your massage experience just the way it is (you loved it), return for a different type of massage (everything was good, except...), or exchange your massage experience for something else (yoga, maybe).

4. Communication:
Before I request my next order from my personal stylist, I will communicate with her about what I liked and didn't like about my last order. I will be as detailed as possible so that she has as much information as possible to select items that I would love. I'm looking forward to receiving my goodies next month!  After your massage session, it is important to communicate to your massage therapist your likes and dislikes about your session. I, personally, like receiving feedback on dislikes so that I can make adjustments that will make you love your next massage!

Remember, whether you shop online or in stores, communication is key to finding the right style, size, and fit to meet your expectations. Think of your massage therapist as a department store, and her/his techniques as items in the store. When you go in and the first dress that you try on does not fit, don't just leave the store. Ask for help in finding what you're looking for. If you're just not into dresses, try on pants. If there is no variety in the store, find another store. That perfect dress is waiting for you!

Anita Prendergast LMT
Wellness Coordinator/4Families4Health

When 'i' is replaced by 'We' even 'illness' becomes WELLNESS
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